removable partial dentures in amarillo tx


Give your patients options for a new, natural smile.

cast metal partial dentures in amarillo tx

Cast Metal Partials

Try our 3-D printed metal partials for a superior fit.

metal free partial dentures in amarillo tx

Metal-Free Partials

Soothe sensitive gums with our metal-free options.

dental crowns and bridges in amarillo tx

Crowns & Bridges

We'll fit your patient's needs with precision.

Night & Mouth Guards

Night & Mouth Guards

Help your patients protect their teeth.

Try Our State-of-the-Art Removable Dentures

We fabricate removable dentures and partials in Amarillo, TX

Studio32 Dental Arts, LLC is a dental lab in Amarillo, TX that creates partial dentures and full dentures using Cad/Cam technology. We offer cast metal and metal-free partial denture options. Our team has more than 20 years of experience fabricating dentures and partials.

For more information about our products or the materials we work with, call Studio32 Dental Arts at 806-437-0555 today.

Reasons to choose Studio32 Dental Arts

Our dental lab experts have the experience and precision you need to create dentures and partials correctly the first time. We fabricate our products in Amarillo, TX and ship to the entire U.S. Including:

Cast Metal Partials
Metal-Free Partials
Crowns and Bridges
Night and Mouth Guards

Choose Studio32 Dental Arts Because: