Find Dentures & Removable Partial Dentures in Amarillo, TX

We use top brand materials for natural-looking dentures

Choose Studio32 Dental Arts, LLC to fabricate dentures for your dental patients. We use only NATURE-CRYL acrylics by GC American to make our removable dentures in Amarillo, TX. We ship anywhere in the United States.

We also offer palatal rugae transfer on immediates to make the adjustment to dentures easier on your patients. Our wide range of teeth choices allows us to find the right mold for your patients.

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Check out our denture tooth brands

You need a quality selection of denture teeth to give your patients options. Choose Studio32 Dental Arts to give them some of the best removable dentures on the market.

Our top brands include:

  • Image APN
  • Enigma Life
  • Ivoclar BlueLine
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Studio32 mounts most of our cases on semi or fully adjustable articulators. Cases are set with function and esthetics in mind. Each case is moved through excursive movements throughout the setting process. We also take the time to remount cases after processing to check for any processing errors.

Studio32 uses only Nature-Cryl acrylics by GC America in our removable products.

NatureCryl Shadeguid

We offer a wide range of tooth choices because we understand that no "one" tooth manufacture can provide the right mold for every case. We carry some of the best quality teeth available on the market. Brands include VitaPan, Ivoclar Blueline, Image APN, and Enigma Life

Laura has set thousands of immediates and can create a beautiful and functional set up out of some of the most challenging cases. She takes the time to grind individual teeth as much as needed to place them on the ridge where they belong. She believes that even preliminary work should be done with care and precision.

Studio32 can also add a little extra touch to help a patient transition into their denture by doing what is called a palatal rugae transfer. This will not only provide easier phonetic adaption but also controls contour and thickness. At your request, we can take an exact copy of the patient's natural rugae and wax it into the set up. It's then processed as usual and the palate of the denture matches the patients.